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Huset's conference rooms have a unique atmosphere and every room has a special history. These rooms have previously been housing the local school, post office, hospital and movie theater, among other things.

meetings in a unique atmosphere



"The Movie Theatre" 

This has previously been used for religious services, concerts, sports hall and gymnastics. Today we offer this historic space for conferences, lectures and dining events. We also have the opportunity to host company events and cinema experiences in this space.

Up to 400 people.


"The Classroom"

This room was used by the local priest for educational purposes for Longyearbyens students in the 1950`s. Now we are offering conferences in this historical environment.

Up to 38 people.


"The Boardroom"

In the 50`s, this room was used as an infirmary when the hospital was destroyed by an avalanche. Today it is being used mainly for conferences and smaller dining events.



Up to 14 people.
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