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Huset Restaurant

TUESDAY to Sunday


Our Vision

Our food in the restaurant is characterized by Nordic techniques and tasting combinations, with ingredients coming mainly from Svalbard and the arctic region. 


In collaboration with trappers and hunters at Farmhamna, Bellsund and Akseløya, we receive local Svalbard produce, such as bearded seal, reindeer and ptarmigan.

Menu price: NOK 2200,- per person

The restaurant at Huset was previously used as a bridge room and it wasn´t until 1977 that it turned into a restaurant. The menu was in true 70´s fashion and offered dishes such as toast Melba, shrimp cocktail, flamed pepper steak and icecup Flensburg.

Only one wine was served at the restaurant and if you wanted a glass it was mandatory to have a meal with it. Each person could only consume up to one bottle per person.

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